Cobalt Energy is a UK based renewable energy engineering business. It is focused on project delivery across the whole project lifecycle, from project inception to decommissioning.

Founded in 2009 by industry professionals as an engineering consultancy with a difference, our extensive experience and practical approach across the energy and waste sectors is what really has set the company apart. This is especially true in the energy from waste / waste gasification sector and the company has been involved with a considerable number of projects.

Principal projects (Greater than £2M) since the company was founded include:

2011 – 2014: Exeter ERF
2016 – 2019: Northwich MBT AD
2015 – 2021: Lower Marnham CHP
2019 – 2021: Malvern Clinical ERF
2019 – 2021: Stoke Clinical ERF
2020 – 2021: Welland Operations

The company is well-known as a technical problem solver, a reliable partner and a business with a strong supply chain, an extended reach and capability beyond its size. As an example, the repurposing of industrial assets (after failures / suboptimal processes) is a key specialism.

The company also has considerable experience of providing effective and proven Operations and Maintenance services. More recently, Cobalt Energy has worked in other areas too using transferable skills for projects in Anaerobic Digestion, Energy Storage and Waste to Fuel / Chemical.

Today, with a strong supply chain of selected partners and contractors, Cobalt Energy continues to deliver integrated assets for funders and developers – from consulting and engineering to project delivery and operations.