Exeter Energy Recovery Facility
  • Exeter Energy Recovery Facility
  • Marsh Barton Industrial Estate, Exeter, Devon
  • Oscillating Kiln, Mass Burn
  • 60,000 t/y, 4MW, CHP capable
  • 30 months
  • TIRU S.A. (EDF Group)

Cobalt Energy provided a range of services for the Exeter Energy Recovery Facility throughout the development, construction and commissioning phases of the project.

Cobalt Energy were involved throughout the planning process, providing support services to the developer to successfully secure planning permission for the facility. As part of the project development process Cobalt Energy introduced appropriate technology to the project owner through the introduction of the EPC (Engineer, Procure and Construct) contractor, TIRU S.A.

During the EPC execution phase, Cobalt Energy was part of the EPC project team providing construction and project management, engineering package management and testing and commissioning services. Cobalt Energy also led the operations and maintenance (O&M) mobilisation process including team design, recruitment, training, development and implementation of the station’s integrated business management system. Cobalt Energy also facilitated the management of the environmental permit. The plant was successfully commissioned in summer 2014, on time and on budget.