Copley Farm Solar Park
  • Copley Farm Solar Park
  • Newark, Nottinghamshire
  • Solar PV
  • 30 MWp
  • EPC (4 months) and O&M (ongoing)
  • EPC (Engie Fabricom) and Asset Owner (Foresight Group)

Cobalt Energy has serviced the Copley Farm Solar Park throughout its lifecycle to date, from planning and construction through to its operation.

During the planning phase, Cobalt Energy introduced our engineer, procure and construction (EPC) partner to the developer to build a high quality site. Through our solar technical advisory service, we also assisted with the technical due diligence and financial close of the EPC contract.

Once the array was under construction, Cobalt Energy provided Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and Independent Connection Provider (ICP) interface services as well as health and safety support under construction, design and management (CDM) regulations.

Construction of the array was completed in 2016 and Cobalt Energy currently provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services on the 210 acre site. Our services include preventive and reactive electrical maintenance, operational monitoring and reporting, grounds maintenance, module cleaning and advanced inspection services including drone infrared radiation surveys, Electroluminescence and Flash testing.