Waste – Exeter EfW


Location:                               Marsh Barton Estate, Exeter, Devon

Project Type:                        Mass Burn, Energy from Waste Facility

Capability:                             60,000 t/y, 4MW export, CHP capabilities

Installation Period:                30 months

Partnered EPC:                    TIRU S.A. (EDF Group)



In 2007 Devon County Council granted Viridor Waste Management Ltd planning permission to build an energy from waste facility on the site of Devon County Council’s former Exeter incinerator.  The plant was built by TIRU, one of Cobalt Energy’s partners and for the first five years of its operation will be run by TIRU under contract with Viridor.  Cobalt Energy was fully integrated into the project management team for the EPC execution and for the O&M mobilisation.

The facility will deal with nearly 60,000 tonnes of residual refuse from 289,000 households after recycling and composting has taken place.   Currently, the waste is primarily sent to landfill sites within Devon.

The oscillating kiln is at the heart of the plant to ensure very thorough combustion of the waste and the emissions from this tightly controlled process will be low compared to the Waste Incineration Directive standards.  The EfW facility will generate approximately 4MW of electricity, which will be exported to the National Grid.