Asset Development




Cobalt Energy offers partnering solutions for project developers conducting their business in the UK. Our team holds extensive experience of bringing projects through the planning and design and enables the realisation of these concepts into operating facilities.




  • Infrastructure & facility development

We have established partnerships and connections with a range of industry consultants in specialist disciplines and can manage development process from conception to realisation.


  • Feasibility Studies

Through our knowledge and practical experience, we can develop and present a focused and tailored Feasibility Study service for your project ideas.


  • Technology selection

Our team’s broad sector experience means we have an unrivalled knowledge of industrial process solutions, that can be honed to meet your precise specification.


  • Planning & Contracts

From direct experience and working through complex planning and legal processes, we can offer guidance and insight into both aspects of project development.


  • Public consultation

With a proven track record of successful public consultation exercises, we offer a full range of services in this field. We work with our associate partners to  offer supporting professional PR & marketing services including as media training and website development.


  • Construction & Asset Insurance guidance

We can provide independent insurance guidance to de-risk your project and provide confidence to your investors that their investment is protected.


  • Project Contractual Strategy

Developing an initial contractual strategy and design process is invaluable,  so we can work with you on this to  secure the necessary funding, permissions and relationships, resulting in a successful project.


  • Project financing advice

Our experienced management team has coordinated and led project financing strategies over many years. We have practical knowledge that can enable your project-specific financing strategy to be established and managed through to contract closure.